Pistachio Butter


Pistachio Butter

made with our delicious, slightly sweet and smooth,  roasted pistachios!

From Harvest to Jar! Delicious Single Origin Home Made Nut Butters

      • Our Farm to Jar butters are made from our very own single source Fresno grown almonds, pistachios and walnuts.
      • They are stone ground by a granite wheel, ensuring purity and maximum nutritional value.
      • Enjoy this Pistachio Butter on your toasts, on your morning oatmeal, with fresh fruit, and as a great addition to your homemade confections!
      • This is seasonal, local, sustainable
      • High in protein (Keto and Paleo friendly) these butters are perfect for after workout snacks, kid’s lunches or a whimsical picnic.
      • Gluten free & vegan
      • Shelf Life: 4 – 6 months after opening, make sure to refrigerate after first use.
      • Packed in 9 oz. glass jars.
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Our nut butters are made of own pistachios grown in our orchads at Arnett Farms.


Ingredients : Roasted pistachios

(Sweetened version contains 16% organic unrefined cane sugar)

Absolutely no additives!


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Plain, Sweetened


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