Single Origin products from California right to your table!

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Single Origin Goods

  • Our Farm to Jar butters are made from our very own single source Fresno grown almonds, pistachios and walnuts.


  • They are stone ground by a granite wheel, ensuring purity and maximum nutritional value.


  • This is seasonal, local, sustainable


  • High in protein (Keto and Paleo friendly) these butters are perfect for after workout snacks, kid’s lunches or a whimsical picnic.
  • Our Jams, marmalade’s and spreads are small-batch prepared and come from only Arnett Farms tree ripened fruit.


  • We add just real cane sugar, garden grown herbs, a pinch of pectin here and there… and select libations to a few flavors.


  • Great on icecream; nice as a glazing or relish for fish, chicken or even your picnic ham.


  • Real fruit pairing all year long!
  • Say hello to always-farm-fresh sorbet. Nothing but single sourced Arnett fruit, cane sugar and our own herbs.


  • The perfect light and easy dessert.


  • Light and easy: all of our Sorbet is vegan, Non-GMO gluten and fat free.


  • Drop some walnuts Into a bowl of peach sorbet. Make a champagne float with our orange basil blend or let the the kids dig in – guilt free – to plum goodness. It’s an endless summer!
Arnett Farms
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