Cherry Sour Patch Bites


Cherry Sour Patch Bites

Sweet & Sour, Slightly Addictive Cherry & Navel Orange Dried Fruit Snacks!

Nature’s sweet, healthy snack! Delicious and nutritious, no sugar added, no sulphur!

      • Enjoy as an easy snack on the go! Pop in your mouth or add to your dessert platters.
      • We use our dried cherries which are at first naturally air dried and then dehydrated.
      • This is seasonal, local, sustainable
      • Absolutely no sugar or sulphur added
      • Gluten free & vegan
      • Shelf Life: For optimum freshness, please refrigerate. Our dried fruits can last up to a year in the fridge.
      • Remember, real fruit darkens. When the naturally occurring sugars in our dried fruits “crystalize” and come to the surface of the fruit, it can leave a sort of white-ish layer of tiny sugar crystals. Your fruits are still perfectly fine to eat! These crystals are a natural part of the fruit that have simply shown themselves on the outside.
      • Comes in our .3lb jar – 15 -18 fruit snacks in each jar! For wholesale inquiries, please contact us.
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Our dried fruit contains no additives, or added sugars. We pick our fruit at its peak, hand cut then dry, to achieve maximum flavor…naturally!  

Ingredients : Cherries, Navel Orange Juice and Rind


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